How to interact with the Drawing Sample Scene when using Photon

Before using this scene, ensure you have completed the Photon setup.

This scene presents itself identically to the Drawing Sample scene so please refer to that guide for the basics.

You’ll notice you can’t draw anything immediately after starting the app. You will want to first save the map because we use the locationID as the room name for Photon.

Now, you should be able to draw just like the previous drawing app. Anyone who wants to play multiplayer will just need to load the map, and they will automatically join the room you are in.

Now that you have the map saved for that location, the next time you start the app, you can either start from scratch by saving a new map, or load your existing map!

Using Photon, two players using cellular data can now play multiplayer in the same location since they will have the same locationID.

It should be noted that because the locationID depends on WiFi first, then geolocation, a player using WiFi and another using cellular data cannot play together, even if they are in the same location.