How to configure SDK with Photon

Part of multiplayer is the real-time streaming of data between clients. In the Drawing Sample Scene, this is implemented using Unity's built-in NetworkManager, which requires clients to be connected to the same local network via WiFi.

A big limitation of this scene is the impossibility to do multiplayer on cellular network, or on WiFi networks with a firewall configured to block such connections. For this reason we added an alternative implementation of that sample scene, using ​Photon​.

Photon is a popular service for cloud-based real-time data streaming, available as a Unity plugin known as PUN (Photon Unity Networking). The steps below describe the additional steps to configure Photon properly in order to use the Photon Drawing Sample Scene.

Sign up for a Photon account
Go to ​ and log in if you have an account, or create one if you don’t.
After logging in, create a new application
Provide the necessary info in the fields, then get your App ID from the Photon dashboard.

Configure the Photon settings in Unity
Under ​Assets/Photon Unity Networking/Resources​ you should find the PhotonServerSettings. Paste the App ID from the dashboard into the AppId field below.
Build and Run the project again.
You're done! The Photon Drawing Sample Scene is ready to use!