6D.ai SDK Release Notes - version 0.18.0

Release Notes
6D.ai beta SDK v0.18.0
December 4, 2018


Happy Tuesday! Today we are introducing SDK version beta 0.18.0, bringing Metal 2.0 support on iOS and making it the default graphics API. OpenGL ES 3.0 will still be supported for compatibility, for as long as it is supported on iOS. Since it was deprecated by Apple earlier this year, we recommend adopting Metal.

The sample apps (Unity and SceneKit) have been updated to run on Metal, but can still be configured to run on OpenGL ES with a simple configuration change. Upgrading from 0.17.0 will be easy and in most cases require no changes, e.g. our Unity C# scripts will auto-detect Metal or OpenGL ES and call the corresponding 6D.ai SDK initialization method.

Be sure to review Sample Apps and Documentation options on the 6D Developer Portal to learn more about how to install and use the sample code and 6D SDK.


New API methods for Metal

  • void SixDegreesSDK_Initialize(void)
    Initializes the 6D.ai SDK to run with Metal 2.0, the default and recommended graphics API for iOS.
  • void* SixDegreesSDK_GetBackgroundTexture(void)
    Returns the MTLTexture pointer of the camera background. Will return NULL if the SDK is not initialized or was initialized with OpenGL ES. Follow the snippets below to go from void* to MTLTexture.

    if let texPtr = SixDegreesSDK_GetBackgroundTexture() {
    let mtlTexture = Unmanaged<MTLTexture>.fromOpaque(texPtr).takeUnretainedValue()
    void* texPtr = SixDegreesSDK_GetBackgroundTexture();
    if (texPtr != nil) {
    id<MTLTexture> mtlTexture = (__bridge id<MTLTexture>)texPtr;

New API methods for OpenGL ES

  • void SixDegreesSDK_InitializeWithEAGL(void* eaglContext)
    Initializes the 6D.ai SDK to run with OpenGL ES 3.0, identical to the former API call void SixDegreesSDK_Initialize(void* eaglContext) from earlier versions.
  • int SixDegreesSDK_GetEAGLBackgroundTexture(void)
    Returns the OpenGL ES texture handle of the camera background, identical to the former API call int SixDegreesSDK_GetBackgroundTexture(void) from earlier versions. Will return 0 if the SDK is not initialized or was initialized with Metal.
warningIf you are upgrading from beta 0.17.0 and wish to continue using OpenGL ES, make sure your code calls those new API methods.

Switching between graphics APIs in the Sample apps

Go to the Build Settings... (⇧⌘B) menu and click Player Settings.... In the panel that opens, find Settings for iOS > Other Settings. Ticking "Auto Graphics API" will select Metal; unticking it lets you manually choose between "Metal" and "OpenGLES3", whichever is on top will be the selected graphics API.
Open the HexPitSample project settings, select the HexPitSample target, and in the General tab find Deployment Info > Main Interface. Selecting "Metal.storyboard" or "OpenGL.storyboard" will instantiate a different SixDegreesView implementation for the namesake graphics API.

Sample apps fixes

  • Fixed an issue in SDMesh.cs (Unity Sample App) and MeshController.swift (Swift/SceneKit Sample App) where part of the update code was inefficient and slowing down the app after a few minutes.
  • Fixed a crash in AutoNetworkManager.cs (Unity Sample App) when no action is attached to OnConnectionEvent.
  • Made the animation of multiplayer camera position updates in the Drawing Sample / Photon Drawing Sample of the Unity Sample App a lot smoother.

Hardware Requirements

We are actively working on Android support and look forward to sharing exciting updates in a near future! For now, we are supporting the following iOS devices.
Supported iPhones
Identify your iPhone model
Supported iPads
Identify your iPad model
2018 iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPad Pro 12.9" (3rd Gen)
iPad Pro 11"
iPad 9.7" (6th Gen)
2017 iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPad Pro 12.9" (2nd Gen)
iPad Pro 10.5"
2016 iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPad Pro 9.7"
2015 iPad Pro 12.9" (1st Gen)
Not supported * (no plans to add support):
  • iPhone 6S (2015) and lower
  • iPad 5th Gen (2017) and lower
  • iPad Air family
  • iPad Mini family
* The SDK ​will not initialize​​ on those devices, even if they support ARKit. The API method SixDegreesSDK_IsDeviceSupported() can be used at runtime to detect if the device is supported by the SDK.

System Requirements to Build Sample Apps

  • iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7
  • iPad Pro (All generations and sizes), iPad 2018 (6th Gen)
  • iOS 12 or iOS 11.4+
  • Xcode 10+
  • Unity3D 2018.2+

Please review the 6D.ai SDK Function Definitions and the Meshing API Guide for additional info on SDK functions and how to work with the mesh.