Ship Today, Get 3 Years for Free!

As a thank you to our early developers, we are offering three years of complimentary SDK use for apps published in 2019.

You are the early adopters that drive industries forward. You help build the foundation for the next gen of tech by hacking projects, providing critical input and building entirely new experiences that show the rest of the world what is possible. Our Slack channel has been buzzing since launch last year and we have seen helpful input and excitement from this community. The "three for free" promotion is a way for us to say thank you and a chance to support your role in helping to move the AR and spatial computing industry forward. So, if you have any partially built projects (or new ideas to try out), this is the time to finish them off and get them launched!

And with that... now on to the details... Any 6D developer that successfully publishes an app in the Apple App Store™ or Google Play Store™ before 11:59 PM PT on December 31, 2019, will receive unlimited access to the most current set of 6D API's until 11:59 PM PT December 31, 2022, at no charge.* This promotion counts toward each application individually, so go ahead and ship more than one!

To submit your published app for approval in this promotion, click the link below. Submissions will be accepted until December 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM U.S. Pacific Time.

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Q: What does "current set of API's" mean?
A: Developers who are approved for this promotion will receive free access to the API's that are public today. may introduce other API's in the future, which may not be included in this promotion.

Q: Can I publish one app now and then apply an approved submission promotion to a different app later?
A: No. The promotion applies to the original app submitted and approved. Yes, apps can evolve over time and we will allow for that. But it must be the same app "in spirit," e.g. the same use case and purpose. Please understand that we need to enforce integrity of the promotion for the benefit of our ecosystem. We are trying to avoid the edge case of a developer publishing stubs in order to gain unlimited access to other apps later.

Q: What is approving when I submit my app?
A: We are confirming that the app actually uses, that it complies with our license terms [link], and that the "spirit" of the app (use case and purpose) matches what is in your promotion submission.

We created this promotion to help early adopters and pioneers innovate without concern for budget constraints with regards to pricing. We ask that those entering this promotion not abuse the opportunity. Our intention is that these API's are the foundation upon which we'll grow and it's in our interest to encourage developers to publish and then support those early developers in their growth on the platform. Below are some clarifications to cover edge cases and limit abuse of this promotion.

The important small print

* app must be live in play store or app store in order to submit your app for approval
* 6D reserves the right at any point to remove the promotion benefit if the use case, purpose or "spirit" of the app changes from the app that was approved for the promotion.
* Developer must comply with 6D license terms. Approving the app for the promotion does not mean that 6D has confirmed all compliance with our license terms. We reserve the right to enforce our license terms at any time. Those license terms may change from time to time.
* we may introduce new API's at any time, which may not be included in this promotion.